Strength in numbers.    

The various stand-alone entities within Petro-Hunt, have been active acquirers of producing oil and gas properties. These purchases number in the hundreds and total well over U.S. $600 million. Some of the larger acquisitions during the 1990's include the following:

Seller Position Area
Chevron $ 48 Williston Basin
Texaco $ 20 South Texas
Texaco $ 22 Williston Basin
Shell $ 30 Mississippi
Amerada Hess $ 80 East & South Texas
Occidental $194 Louisiana/Mississippi

Petro-Hunt, is interested in and will consider sizeable acquisitions within and outside the entities’ operating core areas of North and South Louisiana, Mississippi, East and South Texas, the Texas Gulf Coast, and the Rocky Mountains Williston Basin.

Acquisitions Contact:
Douglas H. Hunt, Director of Acquisitions

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