A depth of experience.    

Petro-Hunt, has a long history in the energy industry and has been involved in the industry as an oil and gas operator, as well as a provider of drilling services for others. The company and its employees have vast experience and knowledge of drilling and developing oil and gas wells all over the world. The company has been involved in the drilling of tens of thousands of oil and gas wells during its existence. These wells have included shallow oil and gas wells and deep onshore and offshore oil and gas wells, involving technologically and environmentally challenging conditions of all sorts. Petro-Hunt’s history of drilling has included deviated and horizontal wells and every kind of completion techniques imaginable. Petro-Hunt takes pride in being able to accomplish projects around the world, regardless of how challenging the conditions may be.

Petro-Hunt is known as a “wildcat company,” a type of oil and gas exploration that is a high-risk and challenging venture in areas that have not yet been commercially proven. The company is able to become involved in such high-risk aspects of the business through its vast knowledge and exploration techniques. Petro-Hunt often uses various forms of seismic research, data interpretation, and drilling techniques to create commercial production in new or untested areas.

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